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Unidentified photos

This page caters for photographs where, as yet, the aircraft idendtity is still to be established.

If you are able to identify the aircraft please see Contact Us page http://www.dc-3.co.za/contact-us.html


0000 SAAF Dakota Kjell Oskar Granlund
Unidentified SAAF C-47

Photograph: Kjell Oskar Granlund

Waterkloof Air Force Base in front of 13 hangar on the east side of the base.

It is possible that it could be the aircraft that was donated to the RAF

32635 6854 Will Blunt 2

Unidentified SAAF C-47

Photograph: Will Blunt

Suggestion for location is:

The proximity of the houses makes Oudtshoorn a possibility.
The fact that she has a "sock" on the tail wheel indicates that she is configured for paratrooping, maybe exercises with the Army based there?

32635 6854 Will Blunt 3

Unidentified SAAF C-47

Photograph: Will Blunt

Location suggestion and notes as follows for the above and below photograph:

These are taken a few minutes/seconds apart of the same aircraft. It definitely looks like Fields Aviation in the background at Rand Airport, and there is an inspection cover open on the tail area, possibly fitting of equipment taking place or adjusting thereof e.g. Radio Altimeter?

Don't see Strela mods on any of them, so these photos are probably early 1980s.

32635 6854 Will Blunt 4

Unidentified SAAF C-47

Photograph: Will Blunt






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